This mission of the Del Norte local Transportation Commission is to plan, prepare, and fund transportation projects and programs for the citizens and visitors of Del Norte County


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900 Northcrest Drive, PMB 16, Crescent City, California 95531


Last chance grade project

The Last Chance Grade Project continues to be a top priority for Caltrans and their partners as work continues to find the best long term solution for the coastal stretch U.S. Highway 101 known for landslide activity and high maintenance costs.

Please join them for a public open house on Thursday, July 19, at the Del Norte County Fairgrounds in Crescent City from 6:30 to 8 p.m. The event will include project updates and a Q&A session.

The open house comes shortly after the release of a new project document, a Geotechnical Risk Assessment. The assessment resulted from an independent panel of seasoned experts using 3D tech and more as they looked into the existing alignment and proposed alternatives to see how likely they are to remain open after a 50-year period. The document, along with other analysis, will be used to eventually select the best long term solution for Last Chance Grade. Estimated constructions costs, estimated maintenance costs, environmental resources, cultural resources, and the values of Caltrans’ partners will also be considered in that decision.

“While the highway now remains safe due to great work and constant monitoring, we know we need to find a solution at Last Chance Grade for the future,” said Project Manager Jaime Matteoli. “A solution is necessary for the sake of the community and the economy. The Risk Assessment, community input, and other analysis will help us find the solution that works best for everyone as next year we look to begin the required years-long environmental phase of the project.”

For more information, please see the project website at


Request for proposals

The Del Norte Local Transportation Commission is soliciting proposals from qualified consulting firms to prepare the Elk Valley Cross Road Corridor Plan. This plan will determine regional needs considering safety, collision history, bicycle travel, pedestrian travel, sight distance for turning, speed enforcement, and school zone improvements. The project area is Elk Valley Cross Road Between Lake Earl Drive and Elk Valley Road .

Proposals are due to the Del Norte Local Transportation Commission by 5 PM on August 22, 2018

how to get involved

Ready to take the next step? You can become a contributor to improving our transportation networks and help make decisions that affect our community.

Contact Tamara Leighton for more information or (707) 465-3878