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Elk Valley Road

The Elk Valley Road Multimodal Corridor Plan is now available.  Review the document and attachments under the Elk Valley heading on the Projects page, or follow the link below:

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Last Chance Grade Project Plan and Timeline

Identifying, planning and constructing an alternative route at Last Chance Grade is a complex and lengthy process.  The Last Chance Grade Feasibility Study begun in March 2014 and was completed in June 2015, and included a public outreach plan that allowed extensive input from stakeholders and community members.  Current project actions include the refinement of the Project Study Report and identification of funding sources. For more information, view the Last Chance Grade Project Plan and Timeline or visit the Projects Page.

Elk Valley Road Multimodal Corridor Plan

In response to concerns expressed by elected officials and the public, the Del Norte Local Transportation Commission is studying a potential need for improvement along Elk Valley Road, which provides access to homes, businesses, trails in Redwood National and State Parks, and necessary services such as the Del Norte County Transfer Station and Resource Recovery Park. …More