California Transportation Commission Allocates SB1 Funds For US 199 Drainage Projects

Caltrans Press Release:

  • Drainage Project Along Route 199 in Del Norte County: $3.9 million drainage project will repair culverts and fish passage at various locations along Route 199 from north of Elk Valley Cross Road to south of Walker Road near Crescent City in Del Norte County. The project was allocated $300,000.

  • Drainage Project Along Route 199 in Del Norte County: $5.1 million drainage project will repair culverts and fish passage at various locations along Route 199 from south of Myrtle Creek Bridge in Del Norte County to south of the California-Oregon State line. The project was allocated $707,000.

Culverts and fish passages are critical structures that allow water to flow under roads, railroads, and trails. Poorly designed culverts can disrupt roadways and railways and result in sudden road collapse and flooding.

California Transportation Commission approves $45 million

Last Chance Grade has received $45 million in funds for the environmental and geotechnical studies to build a highway bypass around US 101. Winter storms have caused the roadway to shift westward and downward. Failures on the grade isolate Crescent City from the rest of the state and Klamath from the rest of the county.

Last Chance Grade - Encouragement Letters

Letters have been sent to the California Transportation Commission (CTC) encouraging them to approve $40 million in funding for environmental work needed for Last Chance Grade. The letters, along with those from Senator Mike McGuire and Assemblyman Jim Wood, have been presented to the CTC.

Last Chance Grade Update

In March, Caltrans requested the final $40 million needed to finish the Last Chance Grade environmental impact report. The state has invested more than $55 million on temporary fixes in the past 10 years. If approved, the $40 million will secure all the necessary funds for the crucial environmental work. Ultimately resulting in a long-term fix for the Last Chance Grade.  


"Everyone has been working together on a permanent fix and we finally have the momentum to get this job done."

- Senator McGuire


Senate Bill 1 - Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017

Senate Bill (SB) 1, also known as the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017, is a substantial and consistent funding source that invests $5.4 billion into California’s deteriorating transportation infrastructure through gas tax and vehicle registration fee revenue. In November 2018, SB 1 was in jeopardy of being repealed via Proposition 6. On Tuesday, September 11, the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors heard about the impacts Proposition 6. Proposition 6 was ultimately defeated, and the estimated $136 million in transportation funding and 7,000 jobs that will be brought to the Del Norte County region over the next 4 years thanks to SB 1 have been protected.

Crescent City Council Approves Wayfinding Signs

The Crescent City Council approved 13 wayfinding sign designs on Monday, July 2, 2018 to be placed along U.S. 101. The signs will direct visitors to attractive destinations within the city limits such as Battery Point Lighthouse, Beachfront Park, B Street Pier, the Dog Park, and more. Multiple signs will be installed downtown, along U.S. 101, and near the destination locations. The 15-foot signs will highlight the City’s public amenities and promote a sense of place.

Last Chance Grade Open House

The Last Chance Grade Project continues to be a top priority for Caltrans and their partners as work continues to find the best long term solution for the coastal stretch U.S. Highway 101 known for landslide activity and high maintenance costs.

An open house was held in Crescent City in July which included project updates and a Q&A session. The open house came shortly after the release of a new project document, a Geotechnical Risk Assessment. The assessment resulted from an independent panel of seasoned experts using 3D tech and more as they looked into the existing alignment and proposed alternatives to see how likely they are to remain open after a 50-year period. The document, along with other analysis, will be used to eventually select the best long term solution for Last Chance Grade. Estimated constructions costs, estimated maintenance costs, environmental resources, cultural resources, and the values of Caltrans’ partners will also be considered in that decision.

For more information, please see the project website at

Caltrans Director Lauri berman Tours Last Chance Grade

New Caltrans director Lauri Berman, along with state, county, federal, and Caltrans officials, got a firsthand look at Last Chance Grade. The officials walked the segment of US Highway 101 that is prone to landslides and road failures.


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Elk Valley Road

The Elk Valley Road Multimodal Corridor Plan is now available. View the document and attachments under the Bicycle and Trail Planning heading on the Planning page, or follow the link below:

     Elk Valley Road Multimodal Corridor Plan

Last Chance Grade Project Plan and Timeline

Identifying, planning and constructing an alternative route at Last Chance Grade is a complex and lengthy process.  The Last Chance Grade Feasibility Study begun in March 2014 and was completed in June 2015, and included a public outreach plan that allowed extensive input from stakeholders and community members.  Current project actions include the refinement of the Project Study Report and identification of funding sources. For more information, view the Last Chance Grade Project Plan and Timeline or visit the Projects Page.