Planning documents are available for download Below. Planning documents may not be modified from their original content. Please feel free to contact the Commission by phone or email about other transportation planning documents.

Regional Transportation Plans & Reports

2016 Regional Transportation Plan

2016 Addendum to the Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

2011 Regional Transportation Plan

2011 Regional Transportation Plan Environmental Document

2002 Regional Transportation Plan Environmental Document

1990 Regional Transportation Plan Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

Important Planning Documents

Del Norte County 2019 Economic & Demographic Profile

Del Norte County 2018 Economic & Demographic Profile

2018 Regional Transportation Improvement Program

Quarterly Report - 2nd Quarter 2017

Final County Pavement Management Plan 2017

Final City Pavement Management Plan 2017

Del Norte County 2017 Economic and Demographic Profile

2016 Regional Transportation Improvement Program

Del Norte County 2016 Economic & Demographic Profile

Del Norte County 2015 Economic & Demographic Profile

Climate Change and Stormwater Management Plan

Last Chance Grade Feasibility Study 2015

Bicycle & Trail Planning

2017 Active Transportation Plan - Final

Elk Valley Road Multimodal Corridor Plan     

2015 Active Transportation Plan - Final

Transit Plans & Reports

2015 Del Norte County Coordinated Public Transit - Human Services Transportation Plan

Redwood Coast Transit Short-Range Transit Development Plan - Final Report

RCTA Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Paratransit Plan

Safety and Security

Pedestrian Evacuation Time Analysis for Crescent City, CA 2011

Callbox System Reports

S.A.F.E. Annual Report 2015-16

Overall Work Program (OWP)

Overall Work Program 2017-2018

Overall Work Program 2016-2017

Overall Work Program 2015-2016

Performance Audits & Financial Statements

Del Norte Local Transportation Commission (DNLTC) Final Audit Packet 2017

DNLTC Basic Financial Statements 2017

DNLTC Final Audit Packet 2016

DNLTC Basic Financial Statements 2016

DNLTC Triennial Performance Audit 2013-2015

DNLTC Final Audit Packet 2015

Redwood Coast Transit Authority (RCTA) Final Triennial Performance Audit

DNLTC Final Audit Packet 2014

Redwood Coast Transit Authority (RCTA) Audit Report 2016